Promise to our clients

To deliver a high standard of service to others, promoting strategies for the relief and avoidance of stressors that stimulate disease. To establish a caring role as the basis of health support, to recognize North American obstacles to positive health, and to realize a blend of science and nature as integral to meeting health concerns. The intention is to transform societal understanding toward simpler approaches to health, to empower individuals to engage in self care, and to assist in forming a stance of positive health and long, productive life.

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Smart Meter Radiation.

Watch the video on health effects vs safety standards.

Is pain making it difficult to enjoy life?

PEMF improves the blood supply to muscles and nerves by increasing oxygen pressure, which activates and regenerates the cells

You may be missing the #1 key to health … It’s a life saver!

Its true that poor circulation is the biggest contributor to aging!

The Unsuspected Enemy

If you don’t leap out of bed everyday with a wild abundance of energy, with brain sparkling bright, on fire with enthusiasm, and looking a decade younger than you really are…. Then pulsed electromagnetic therapy is for you!

EMF Detection and Protection

Cell phones emit a form of electromagnetic field called radio frequency radiation or microwave radiation which can cause great harm.

Bioelectrical Stress

North American lifestyle is wrought with stressors. What causes bioelectrical stress that create abnormal electrical activity in the body?

The Effects of Grounding

Grounding or earthing is by far the easiest, cheapest way to improve health, and to help the body achieve an optimal state of homeostasis.

Let us help you relieve your stresses and live a long, productive life.


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How much EMF Pollution are you exposed to ?