Melanie Wutzke Johnson, PhD RN MSN IMD

Doctor of Integrative Medicine (IMD) through the Board of Integrative Medicine in the US and Canada. Since completing a nursing degree at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, Melanie has worked as an RN, Director of Nursing in various Kansas venues. She also enjoyed teaching at Southwestern College in the BSN program. She had since served in remote areas of Alberta, Canada as a Community Health Nurse.


Melanie holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine, and currently consults for the development of graduate courses in natural medicine; Quantum University, Honolulu. Melanie avidly supports strategies that engage inherent healing mechanisms of the body to prevent disease, and promote vitality and longevity. She strives to be an innovative leader in a natural approach to long-term wellness.

With variety of strategies we are here to help you feel your best and live a balanced life.