Bioelectrical Stress

Bioelectrical Stress

Melanie Wutzke-Johnson PhD RN IMD

Ober (2010) writes an interesting research article, describing the health differences between cave dwelling ancestry and 21st century society. Earth dwellers, although seemingly unsophisticated, had one significant benefit, that being the ability to be grounded all the time. Earlier peoples used natural materials for sleep mats and protective footwear, which provided them a natural grounded lifestyle. Conversely, synthetic materials used today tend to be non-conductive, and effectively block the beneficial frequencies present on the earth. Although warm and convenient, materials that surround progressive societal life, cause human-kind to experience a constant disconnect from the earth’s natural ground. This leads to a predominance of bioelectrical stress.

Most people would agree that the North American lifestyle is wrought with stressors; which are felt physically in tense muscles, back and joint pain and poor sleep patterns. These conditions, including many chronic disease issues, are due to excess stimulation of the nervous system and interference of the bio-electrical communications between cells. Disrupted nerve messaging causes muscle tension, which further leads to fatigue, disfunction and pain (Ober, 2010).

We should ask, what causes bioelectrical stress?  It is the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that make up our environment, that create abnormal electrical activity in the body. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the US Department of Energy had indicated already 20 years ago, that exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) from household electrical wires produce unnatural weak electric currents between human cells. If residing in a modern home, North Americans are inundated day in and day out, with negative energies. The reason these unnatural currents affect the human body so adversely, is because of the persistent insulation from earth ground contact. Consequently, every bioelectrical function of the body is affected by this negative charge.

According to the American Institute of Stress, over 75% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related health conditions. The description of stress is; a state of continuous anxiety and nervousness in which muscles become and remain tensed. Stress is now confirmed to be a primary contributor to cardiovascular disease, cancer, gastrointestinal, skin, neurological and emotional disorders, and a host of disorders linked to immune system disturbances ranging from the common cold and herpes, to arthritis and AIDS.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, many American adults and children suffer from sleep problems. Americans have the most comfortable beds and the most protected sleep environments in the world. Yet, in traditional societies where humans sleep on animal skins, grass mats or directly on the ground, sleep problems do not exist.

Dangers of EMF

Smart phones, or any other device that picks up wifi gives off heat emissions and electromagnetic frequencies or radiation (EMF/EMR). We put these devices in our pockets, hold them for hours on our laps, and even sleep beside them. EMF interference is like trying to listen to your favorite song on the car radio while sitting under a powerline. The disruption in signal that you experience is what electromagnetic frequencies do to brain waves and body cell structure and function. This is referred to as bioelectrical stress.

Further, Americans sleep within 12 inches of electrical wires hidden in the wall at the head of their bed and with electric cords around or near the bed. All of which emanate e-fields throughout the night and create weak electric currents in the body. The people with the best health care in human history, now increasingly suffer from poor sleep and stress related health problem. From this fact, we now know that the issue is community based, public, and epidemic to our society.

Transient electrical impulses interfere with cells and promote disease

Humans in traditional societies that maintain contact with the earth do not experience the common sleep and stress related health problems of the modern world. The NIEHS note that biological effects of EMFs are: changes in functions of cells and tissues, accelerated tumor growth, decrease in the hormone melatonin, changes in biorhythms, alterations of immune system, changes in human brain activity and heart rate.

The question is; by restoring natural ground to the body and thereby neutralizing these weak electric currents in the body, do muscles relax and normal sleep return? Research now provides evidence that when the human body is grounded, it is naturally protected from static electricity and radiated electric fields. This is proved true by taking meter measurements of grounded subjects. Grounding the body also showed muscle relaxation and improved sleep. Further, study subjects also experience significant relief from asthmatic and respiratory conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, sleep apnea and hypertension, when sleeping grounded (Ober, 2010).

Why use an EMF Neutralizer?

Common symptoms of EMF exposure are: headaches, chronic colds and flus, digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, and dizziness. An EMF neutralizer shields against 96% of the offending negative energies. Just this one strategy will enhance life.

Ober, C. (2010). Grounding the human body to neutralize bio-electrical stress from static electricity and EMFs. Electrostatic Discharge Journal.