Is pain making it difficult to enjoy life?

Is pain making it difficult to enjoy life?

Frequency Modulated Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has proven to be enormously beneficial in relieving symptoms associated with acute and chronic pain.

PEMF improves blood supply to muscles and nerves by increasing oxygen pressure, which activates and regenerates the cells. People suffering from a variety of painful conditions report almost instantaneous relief! Substantial increase in bone density occurs with PEMF use, because it can stimulate bone growth. As a result, risk for fracture is reduced and healing of fractured bones is enhanced.


Move freely with PEMF

In this Xray image, the left side shows a loss of cartilage (bone on bone) presentation, resulting in very painful mobility. The right side shows the distance between the bones has increased dramatically with new cartilage growth due to routine PEMF therapy. This client was able to enjoy pain free walking in just a few weeks!

How does PEMF relieve back pain?

Often, people suffer from painful micro-fractures in the vertebrae of the spine due to unsuspected bone fragility. Improved blood supply causes oxygen levels to increase, which then activates and regenerates the cells. This results in better absorption of calcium in the bones, which can decrease pain significantly (Bowen, 2014).