You may be missing the #1 key to health… It’s a live saver!

You may be missing the #1 key to health… It’s a live saver!

Pulsed Magnetic therapy protects against symptoms associated with aging, decay, metabolic slowdown or vascular insufficiency. Its true that poor circulation is the biggest contributor to aging! This is what your blood would look like when examined under dark field microscopy. What you see is lots of red blood cells stuck together in strings like a stack of coins.







This illustrates an unhealthy formation that indicates illness and premature aging:

1. Stacked red blood cells cannot flow freely through tiny capillaries and so don’t deliver their “load” of oxygen efficiently.

2. A white blood cell, (arrowed) looks like the red blood cells, but should be triple the size. When diminished in size and fenced in, it can’t function to remove waste, or infection.

3. The blood plasma (the fluid surrounding the cells) is filled with fibrinogen threads which cause clotting and inflammation, which leads to heart attack or stroke.

We all try to get plenty of rest, drink enough water, eat healthy foods, and take our vitamins. However, these strategies have hardly any effect, when the blood is clumped together. Why? It is because when cells are bound together in this way, nutrients, water and oxygen cannot be absorbed, and more… toxic waste cannot be expelled. Nutrient deficit + toxic burden = premature aging and chronic illness.

Here’s what happens after just 15 minutes of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy.

The changes reflected in the blood are just amazing! In 15 minutes of therapy, the red cells have separated and are flowing smoothly; no longer sticking together. The white cell has doubled in size, and moving freely. Video clips capture white blood cells sped up and chasing virus materials around in the blood. The fibrous material has been swept clean; free of clotting material, and enhancing blood flow (Scott-Mumby, 2017).

PEMF is indeed the key to resist aging. If we energize our cells with this kind of energy medicine treatment, the cells regain their gusto, and so do we! With PEMF therapy, we can dance until we are 100! Call Electric Avenue 7852227030 to get a glimpse of your blood and an introduction to pulsed electromagnetics!

“Our life is the energy in our cells.” Lakhovsky